Practical Applications of AI

Participants of the “Practical Applications of AI” training will gain comprehensive knowledge on the practical use of artificial intelligence in various business and creative aspects. They will become familiar with the latest AI tools and techniques that can optimize business processes, improve work efficiency, and enhance innovation.

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Target and training idea: Practical Applications of AI

The target group of the “Practical Applications of AI” training consists of professionals from various industries who wish to integrate artificial intelligence into their daily work. It will be particularly beneficial for those seeking to enhance operational efficiency, innovation, and those eager to leverage modern technologies to develop their businesses and skills. This training will also appeal to IT specialists, managers, and creators looking for a practical understanding and skills to apply AI to improve the outcomes of their projects and initiatives.

Idea of the “Practical Applications of AI” training focuses on the practical use of artificial intelligence in various business and creative sectors. The aim is to provide participants not only with theoretical knowledge but primarily with practical skills in applying AI to optimize processes, increase efficiency, and foster innovation in their organizations. The training intends to demonstrate how AI technologies can be effectively integrated into daily work, as well as the benefits they can bring in various fields, from data analysis and automation to creative project development. Participants will learn how to use AI to solve specific business and creative problems, both in small projects and in larger-scale enterprises.

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Practical Applications of AI – training benefits

  • Development of AI competencies: Both the organization and its employees gain valuable skills in the field of artificial intelligence, contributing to their increased competitiveness.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: The training provides knowledge on how to use AI to optimize processes, leading to higher work efficiency both at an individual and organizational level.
  • Stimulation of innovation: Employees with new knowledge can contribute to the introduction of innovative solutions in the organization, promoting development and maintaining competitiveness.
  • Better understanding and utilization of data: The training enables effective data analysis and utilization in work, beneficial for both employees and the organization.
  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction: Acquiring knowledge and skills together can enhance employee motivation and satisfaction, thereby improving the work atmosphere and culture within the organization.

Benefits for the Organization

  • Increased operational efficiency: Participation in the training allows for the optimization of business processes using artificial intelligence, leading to improved efficiency and time savings.
  • Stimulation of innovation: The training provides knowledge on using AI to create new, innovative solutions and services, which fosters organizational development and maintains market competitiveness.
  • Improvement of employee skills: Gaining knowledge and skills related to AI makes employees more competent in using new technologies, which translates into their increased productivity and creativity.
  • Optimization of decision-making processes: The training enables a better understanding of data and trends, assisting in making more accurate and quicker business decisions.
  • Increased market competitiveness: An organization that effectively implements AI gains an advantage over competitors by better adapting to changing market conditions and customer expectations.

Benefits for Employees

  • Professional skill development: The training enables the acquisition of new competencies in the field of artificial intelligence, crucial in the rapidly changing world of technology.
  • Increased attractiveness in the job market: Having AI-related skills makes employees more desirable in the job market, enhancing their career development opportunities.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity at work: Applying AI knowledge in daily work allows for more efficient task execution and problem-solving.
  • Better understanding of trends and new technologies: Training participants gain up-to-date knowledge about AI trends, allowing them to better adapt to changes in the work environment.
  • Greater ppportunities to influence innovation in the organization: Employees knowledgeable in AI can actively participate in the company’s innovative processes, increasing their engagement and job satisfaction.
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  • We will commence by defining artificial intelligence, demonstrating how it all began, its rapid development, and its historical roots.
  • We will delve into what it means to live in three worlds simultaneously: the static, the digital, and the virtual.
  • Numerous examples will be provided, ranging from AI robotic hands and autonomous AI drones for package delivery to NVIDIA’s integration of AI into their games and user preference-based holographic screens, among many others.
  • We will discuss text, image, and voice generation and explain how we arrived at this point, considering aspects like natural language processing (NLP), denoising, and training datasets.
  • We will also delve into OEE indicators and what companies aim to achieve by implementing AI.
  • Discover how to use AI to analyze PDF files, create interactive presentations, integrate with Excel, publish minutes and summaries, and automatically generate text, among other tasks.
  • Explore the potential of utilizing ChatGPT for generating a wide range of pre-made text materials, facial recognition, programming, helping with negotiation, SEO, social media, emails feedback, image recognition and others
  • We will also cover both free and paid plugins that enhance ChatGPT’s functionalities.
  • Additionally, we will introduce free Chrome browser extensions that leverage AI.
  • Explore how companies across various industries implement AI in their operations through compelling use cases and real-world examples
  • We will showcase the remarkable capabilities of AI in generating graphic assets, exemplified by MidJourney. Explore consistent graphic styles for promotional materials, posters, documents, icons and plenty more
  • Also – we will discuss the laws – what can we do with the AI materials (are they copyright free) and how different laws protect creators?
  • We cordially invite you to be a part of this enlightening webinar. To secure your spot, please register on our website at [registration link].
  • This webinar offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the collaborative potential of AI and its diverse applications across industries and creative domains.
  • We eagerly anticipate your presence at the webinar, where we will collectively explore the realm of AI collaboration and creation.

Methods used during training


Interactive lectures

Presentations of the theoretical foundations of AI, enriched with interactive discussions and questions from participants.


Case studies

Analysis of real-world examples of AI applications in various industries, helping to understand practical implications and benefits.


Practical workshops

Hands-on exercises where participants apply their knowledge to solve specific business problems using AI tools.


Q&A sessions

Opportunities for asking questions and clarifying doubts, allowing for a better understanding of the material and tailoring it to the individual needs of participants.


Marcin Sikorski

Ekspert i popularyzator Internetu Rzeczy, który obecnie współpracuje z Platformą Przemysłu Przyszłości. Były członek Grupy Roboczej ds. Internetu Rzeczy Ministerstwa Cyfryzacji, który współtworzył raport „IoT w Polskiej Gospodarce” określający kierunek rozwoju Polski w najbliższych latach. Współautor i doradca raportów dla CPK (Centralny Port Komunikacyjny). Od 2013 roku pracuje wraz z najnowszymi technologiami i znanymi markami (IoT konsumenckie, automotive, reaktory atomowe) doradzając w kwestiach wprowadzania dobrych praktyk dotyczących jakości oraz testowania. Specjalista kultury chińskiej, który od lat doradza w kwestiach współpracy z Chinami i chińskimi pracownikami. Członek Poland Hong Kong Business Association. Autor książki „Real IT World – Internet Rzeczy”, wydanej przez wydawnictwo PWN, która analizuje współczesny rynek nowoczesnych technologii w perspektywie Polski, świata i Chin oraz „Oszukani przez Smart” (seria wywiadów z czołowymi przedstawicielami polskiego, smart środowiska). Prelegent, felietonista, współtwórca raportów dotyczących IoT i regularny gość stacji radiowych w Polsce i za granicą oraz licznych publikacji tworzonych we współpracy z branżowymi pismami poświęconymi testowaniu oprogramowania.

An expert and promoter of the Internet of Things, currently collaborating with the Future Industry Platform. Former member of the Working Group for the Internet of Things at the Ministry of Digital Affairs, co-authoring the “IoT in the Polish Economy” report, defining Poland’s development direction in the coming years. Co-author and advisor for reports for CPK (Central Communication Port). Since 2013, working with the latest technologies and well-known brands (consumer IoT, automotive, nuclear reactors), providing advice on quality and testing best practices. A specialist in Chinese culture, advising on collaboration with China and Chinese employees for years. Member of the Poland Hong Kong Business Association. Author of the book “Real IT World – Internet of Things,” published by PWN, which analyzes the contemporary market of modern technologies from the perspective of Poland, the world, and China, as well as “Deceived by Smart” (a series of interviews with leading representatives of the Polish smart environment). Speaker, columnist, co-author of IoT reports, and a regular guest on radio stations in Poland and abroad, as well as numerous publications created in collaboration with industry magazines dedicated to software testing.



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